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Smart! Controls
Smarter Lighting

Control the lighting from your fingertips at any time to create the ideal atmosphere in your home - take a break and relax with ambient lighting or set the scene and transform your living room into a movie theatre

Add colour to your life

Utilise the full RGB spectrum to instantly transform your home with over 16 million colours, creating the perfect atmosphere for any event. Chill out for some easy living, creative a festive mood to party or create the perfect ambiance to turn your living room into a movie theatre


Comfortable light at your fingertips

Control the lighting from your fingertips at any time to create the ideal atmosphere in your home. The BG Home app allows you to easily adjust the brightness from 1% to 100%.


Smart! meshing

The BG-Luceco Smart range uses true ‘intelligent smart meshing’, which links and optimises communication between lighting devices. This prevents overload of home routers, maintaining a stable internet connection with self-healing functionality to self-diagnose and manage lighting devices for improved reliability.


Smart! lighting effects

Choose from a range of predefined lighting effects to create immersive lighting for any scenario. 


Controls lights with your voice

Free up your hands. Our Smart! range are fully compatible with voice-command services such as Alexa, Hey Google and Siri. For ultimate control and hands-free convenience, simply say "Alexa, turn on the light" or "Hey Google, dim my bedroom lights."

Create a personalised experience with colourful smart light

Found the perfect settings? Got the perfect ambiance for a date night, party or watching a film. Save it as a preset that you can easily access any time


Group devices for one-tap control

Combine multiple Smart! devices to create 'groups' to operate together. Cut down on device admin and multiple actions - turn all devices on/off in a single action or dim all lighting devices together

SM_LFSIMG_Lounge-01 2.jpg

Create scenes for flexible control

Add different scenes to suit your lifestyle. Turn multiple sockets and adaptors on or off together without having to operate them all independently.


Go on vacation with peace of mind

Relax and enjoy your vacation. Set your devices to operate at random to simulate home occupancy and make it appear as if someone is at home to deter intruders


Easily manage your life

Schedules simplify life and save money, letting you live a more intelligent, convenient, and environmentally-friendly life. Set schedules for your Smart! devices to turn on/off and adjust brightness for any circumstance, from waking up to a dim light to coming home to a bright house


Lighting timers with Homeglow

HomeGlow mode allows users to set timers so your lights will turn on and off at specific times

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