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Smart! Controls
Smarter Security

Discover our range of features designed & developed for ultimate security giving you peace of mind whether you're on vacation or at work

Go on vacation with peace of mind

Relax and enjoy your time away. Set your devices to operate at random to simulate home occupancy and make it appear as if someone is at home to deter intruders


Parental control for extra security

De-activate the faceplate buttons so these cannot be turned on or off at the wall, and prevent others from turning devices on or off, or changing any of your settings within the App


Manage your spaces

Create multiple homes to manage devices in more than one property, and switch between different properties for easy device management


Smart! control

Family members can directly share management permissions with each other and invite other members of your household to share control of sockets your Smart! devices from within the App, while the parental lock protects your key settings


Custom notifications

Add a custom notification so you know if a device has gone offline, and be aware of your devices status at all times


Easily manage your life

Schedules simplify life and save money, letting you live a more intelligent, convenient, and environmentally-friendly life. Set schedules for your Smart! devices to turn on/off and adjust brightness for any circumstance, from waking up to a dim light to coming home to a bright house


Set delays for added safety

Ideal for sockets and adaptors where you plug in devices like hair straighteners for added safety, and charge your mobile device for a set amount of time so this turns off once it has reached a full charge. 

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