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Smart! Controls
Smarter Savings

Explore our features designed to help you optimise energy consumption and save money, from timers, schedules, custom notifications and more 

Easily manage your life

Schedules simplify life and save money, letting you live a more intelligent, convenient, and environmentally-friendly life. Set schedules for your Smart! devices to turn on/off and adjust brightness for any circumstance, from waking up to a dim light to coming home to a bright house


Create scenes for flexible control

Add different scenes to suit your lifestyle. Turn multiple sockets and adaptors on or off together without having to operate them all independently.

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Group devices for one-tap control

Combine multiple Smart! devices to create 'groups' to operate together. Cut down on device admin and multiple actions - turn all devices on/off in a single action or dim all lighting devices together


Smart! meshing

The BG-Luceco Smart range uses true ‘intelligent smart meshing’, which links and optimises communication between lighting devices. This prevents overload of home routers, maintaining a stable internet connection with self-healing functionality to self-diagnose and manage lighting devices for improved reliability.


Control your devices by touch, voice & app

Instantly turn connected devices on/off wherever you are via the BG Home app. Designed to adapt around your lifestyle, giving you full control whether connected to your home network or out and about. Control by BG Home app, voice or touch.


Custom notifications

Add a custom notification so you know if a device has gone offline, and be aware of your devices status at all times


Set delays for added safety

Ideal for sockets and adaptors where you plug in devices like hair straighteners for added safety, and charge your mobile device for a set amount of time so this turns off once it has reached a full charge. 

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