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Smart! Controls
Smarter Optimisation

No hub needed. Discover our Smart! features to optimise your life and learn to utilise the BG Home app to get the most out of your Smart! setup

Getting started in no time.

No hub needed!

No hub needed. No subscription needed. No extra costs.

A smart home solution that doesn't rely on expensive hubs. Simply install your Smart! device and pair with the BG Home app to gain control via voice, touch, or smartphone commands.


Streamline your life with remote control

Everything you need one tap away. Control and manage your Smart! devices via the BG Home App where ever you are. Designed to support your lifestyle and keep you and your family safe


Smart! Ecosystem

Run and manage your Smart! home ecosystem from a single app - BG Home. BG Electrical Accessories and Luceco LED Lighting combine to create a range of indoor & outdoor electrical and lighting devices with the idea of a singular ecosystem.


Allowing you to kit your entire home with all the devices you could need, no need to third party integrations, supporting apps or firmware. Simply install your Smart! device, connect with the BG Home app and ready to go


Smart! meshing

The BG-Luceco Smart range uses true ‘intelligent smart meshing’, which links and optimises communication between lighting devices. This prevents overload of home routers, maintaining a stable internet connection with self-healing functionality to self-diagnose and manage lighting devices for improved reliability.

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