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Your life connected,
your life smarter.

A smart home solution that doesn’t rely on expensive hubs ... that's easy to install and
compatible with all modern voice assistants.

Compatible with
BG Smart Compatibility

No Hub Required

No hub needed. No subscription needed. No extra costs.

Simply install your Smart! product and download the BG Home App to take control using voice, touch or smartphone commands

Feature Product

Smart! Castra

Adjustable PIR Security Floodlight with BG Luceco Smart! Technology

  • Tilt & turn rotatable ball-joint bracket for full placement flexibility

  • PIR with adjustable settings and override functionality

  • IP65 rated floodlight & PIR for full weatherproof protection

  • Full lighting control

Available on iOS & Android

Compatible with

Take control of your connected devices
from anywhere

with the BG Home App

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